The Mary Morrisson Reel:
Premiering in our 2008 repertoire, the Mary Morrisson Reel is an original dance that combines both Scottish national steps (Flora MacDonald’s Fancy) and Scottish country dance figures.  The clip was filmed at the Clan Currie Burns Night celebration in Summit, NJ, one of our favorite gigs of the year, with music by Local Hero, one of our favorite trios.  The dance was named for our own dear Mary (Morrisson) Abdill.

NYCD Goes Medieval:
The New York Celtic Dancers perform at the 2007 Medieval Festival at Sands Point, Port Washington, New York

The New York Celtic Dancers perform the half-time show at the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.  Scottish dance as you’ve never seen it before!  With great music from MacUmba, Real McKenzies and Ashley MacIsaac, among others.  (Did we mention it was probably 117 degrees in the gym that evening, and that one of us ended up wounded?  What a night….)

Videos will follow.  Check back soon for new content!