Booking NYCD

Scottish dance; New York attitude.

Booking NYCD:

Thank you for your interest in booking NYCD.Frequently, our performance sets fall into one of four categories:

Celtic Festival/Theater:

NYCD presents a lively set for Celtic Festivals and formal theater performances.  Performance includes a mixture of both traditional and new choreography with dynamic music and a spare dialogue to blend all the elements together.  Irish elements can be incorporated where appropriate.  

This mix of old and new is where NYCD really SHINES!


For Burns Night Suppers, Scottish/Celtic cultural events and traditional occasions, NYCD presents a program traditional in both repertoire and costume.  Well known Scottish dances (The Highland Fling, the Scottish Sword Dance) are represented, in addition to lesser known step and highland dances from the Scottish tradition.  For Celtic events, selected Irish dance numbers can be incorporated.


Taking a more educational approach, NYCD presents a program of Scottish dance with a well crafted educational dialogue that melds each piece seamlessly together into a trip through Celtic dance history. Integral to this performance is the concept of audience participation: while NYCD Dance Captains teach audience members to perform a step of the Scottish Highland Fling or Sword dance, alternate NYCD dancers keep the remaining audience engaged learning a song in Scottish Gaelic.  Both song and dance come together in a final audience performance.


Recognizing the affinity between Medieval/Renaissance Festivals and Celtic Dance, NYCD has created a program of appropriate Scottish dances and music for the Festival circuit.  Along with medieval costumes and character representation, NYCD selects both Scottish and Medieval dance and music for the program.  As in our Exhibition/Residency performances, audience participation may be included included with dance and song.

Custom performance requests can be accommodated.  

For more information or to book the New York Celtic Dancers, please contact NYCD Director, Allison Fippinger, at or 917.209.6314.

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